Our educational seminars are full immersion events based on our Custom Learning Logic-methodology. The process focuses on converting knowledge and information to actionable skill development.


Our seminars are motivational, inspirational, and actively engaging to produce the greatest impact, so that lasting, sustainable results ensue. 

We are passionate about teaching people to reach their highest and best self. The seminar requires engagement, role-play exercises, interactive mind enhancement exercises, and innovative breakouts to maximize retention so that personal growth is activated and achieved. Each seminar requires a two-day minimum commitment and is custom tailored to the needs of your company.


SALES Excellence

Activate your sales force NOW and begin a new journey towards consistent growth and sustainable results. 


A company is only as strong as its leadership team. If you desire your company to go further, your leadership team must integrate solid strategy to achieve greater results.  


Service is at the center of growth, and your front line employees have the greatest impact on revenue and margin growth. When you invest in your people, the benefit is a return in profit growth.


Behind all success, achievement, innovation, and fulfillment stands a person. Everyone has enormous potential sitting idle, waiting for an active agent to unlock inspiration and purpose. We are the active agent, empowering change NOW!

Dave is not only a genuine and powerful leader but he also has tremendous breadth. A unique, generalist, Dave has many competencies, not just one. He excels at sales, marketing, leadership, oh, and sports! He's creative and agile, and able to make connections that many of his peers can't see. I highly recommend Dave.

Shari Levitin | Public Speaker & Bestselling Author

There are few people I’ve met who have the depth and experience of sales and leadership knowledge. David is an evolutionary motivational trainer who is consistently redefining the possibilities of achievement. He is an amazing teacher and a genuine individual.  

Michael Rowley |  Sales Specialist | Industry Trainer

we customize each seminar to exceed your goals & Objectives

The Power of Engagement

The rules to be an effective leader have changed and unless you are consistently investing in the development of your leadership team, the probability that your company will miss performance-based targets will increase.


Inside The Power of Engagement curriculum, we teach amazing, high octane, cutting edge, intellectually driven courses to elevate your leadership team to produce innovative, unprecedented results.


Human capital is your company’s most critical asset and your people will only perform to the level of your leadership team. Your leaders must be the rising tide for your company.

Develop your leader to develop your people now!

The Performance Advantage
Seminar Courses

Inside The Performance Advantage curriculum, we have independent inspirational, high impact, motivational, and superior knowledge based two-day seminar courses.


Each course delivers remarkable breakthrough results to take your sales team to the next level. These seminars will teach your salespeople the newest strategies, techniques, and tools to ignite transformative results.


We deliver game-changing results to give your sales team the competitive advantage to achieve superior results.

Begin to excellerate your sales goals now!

D.R.I.V.E Your Life

Drive Your Life is a personal journey program to help your people become the best version of themselves.


Our independent two-day seminars focus on one core truth. Lasting results happen when you develop your people from the inside-out. D.R.I.V.E teaches your people how to gain total control over their life and personal results by shifting their mindset to take 100% accountability for everything they achieve and experience in life.


As Jim Rohn quoted, “if you invest in a job, you will make a living, if you invest in yourself, you will make a fortune.”

Become the best version of yourself now!

Superior Service Does Not Cost a Cent

Today, consumer expectation are at an all time high, will little tolerance for marginal service. If your organization is not consistently innovating the expectation of service, your customers will leave your company.


Statistics show that 33% of customers who have one bad experience will never go back, and if they are 2 to 3 bad experiences, over 90% will never return.


We have mastered the art of teaching people how to deliver service without it costing a penny. You must experience the difference of how our teachings, philosophy, and mindset growth strategies create lasting incremental service level changes.

Develop your winning edge now!



Contact us today for a free strategy session to find out which program will help you and your company go further! 




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