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Top Three Rules to Remaining Consistent in Sales

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Many sales gurus will tell you consistency is what separates the good from the great, but all this opinion does is pass judgment.

Pitting salespeople against one another causes stress, anxiety and frustration,

which are emotional assassins of performance.


Instead of comparing your sales to others', focus on these three rules to motivate your consistency:

1. Practice mental enthusiasm - Those who control their thoughts, control their emotions. When you generate excitement to sell, you will become more consistent.

2. Have good intentions - The more you focus on the structure of your day, the more stability you will create and the more successful you will be.

3. Develop small consistent wins - When you change one small habit and then another and another, these small wins over time lead to bigger and more consistent wins.

"A successful person has the discipline to focus on their daily habits, whereas failures tend to only look

at the future."

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