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Three Ways to Invest in Human Capital

Human capital (HC) is the most important asset of any organization because it is not only the engine, but the fuel driving the company.

In today's innovation-driven, talent-driven and knowledge-based economy, attracting and retaining this valuable asset has taken center stage.


1. Know who you're looking for - If you don't know what talent looks like, you won't be able to find it. You must map the qualities, character traits and skills of your ideal candidate to develop an image of talent.

2. Leadership comes first - Your organization can only move as fast as those leading it. While it can be challenging to measure this intangible asset, your growth and innovation depends on the quality of it.

3. Standardize your metrics - Despite the clear agreement on the importance of HC, only 16% of organizations understand the ROI. It's time for companies to invest in better valuation metrics to drive customer satisfaction, product/service innovation, growth and overall profitability.

"The company that puts together the best team, wins."

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