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Three Ways for Salespeople to Stop Drowning in the Details

We're not just living in the information age, but the age of information overload.

Today we have instant access to endless content, but the manner in which we are learning it is disruptive and causing confusion.


How to stop the flood:

1. Stop learning from everyone - The natural tendency is to observe others and try to replicate them. It's better to have a consistent, narrow approach of whom you choose to learn from.

2. Don't focus on the whole process - Instead of overwhelming yourself with all the nuances of sales, break the big picture down into steps and then begin to master them one at a time.

3. You don't need to know more, just do more - It doesn't take vast knowledge to get someone to buy, and it doesn't require knowing more to ask the tough questions. Focus on action instead of information.

"A successful person has the discipline to focus on their daily habits, whereas failures tend to only look

at the future."

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