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The Power Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the most coveted holiday we get to experience in America. It is the one that pulls us into the most powerful emotional energy state, that of gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation usher us towards life’s purpose, to experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Without these mental ingredients, life darkens, pulling humanity into a state of anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction.

Mental pain and suffering occur when people are focused inward reflecting on limitations, scarcity, or on what is missing in one's life. Instead, this Thanksgiving, take a path less traveled and for only 24 hours, the day of Thanksgiving, make a mental commitment to give unconditionally to yourself, your friends and family, strangers you meet, anyone. Give your emotional happiness, enthusiasm, and joy. Give a kind smile, say hello, and thank you to those you come in contact with. Give without prejudice.

Our country is going through a radical period in time, causing chaos, hatred, anger, and contempt. The political indigestion is making the country sick. We must break the pattern by showing each other deference and humility. Try this Thanksgiving to honor and respect viewpoints opposite to yours by compromising personal judgement. Gratitude and appreciation survive without judgement of right or wrong. They find acceptance understanding the opinion one holds cannot be honored without that on the opposite side. Let this Thanksgiving become your moment of love.

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