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The Power of Innovation

Effective leadership has become one of the immutable laws of innovation. The reason is that innovation cannot succeed without the support and drive from the leadership team. The leadership team sets the tone, pace and engagement of the organization, and unless they are constantly innovating their thinking, the company will stagnate.

So how do you develop an innovative mindset with your leadership team?

Focus on these five forward-thinking ideas:

Question the Status Quo - Innovative leaders are never satisfied with the current state of the company – they are always questioning the possibility of the future.

Growth Focused - The quality and knowledge of your leadership team sets the pace for all others to follow. Your leaders must be the best to expect the best.

Aspirational Goals - Great leaders unlock hidden potential within their employees to reach for higher results. They are the catalyst to finding the hidden strength in others.

Be Decisive - Research found a correlation between speed of execution and the degree of innovation. A 10% increase in decision speed led to placing an organization in the top percentile for innovation.

Inspire Engagement - A 5% rise in employee engagement has been shown to increase top and bottom line profits.

Closing the innovation gap comes down to one simple principle: Action, not words.

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