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The 5 most powerful core traits to sales success

Recently, I was having a discussion with some colleagues about the qualities and competencies all great salespeople possess. During the conversation, many different traits and qualities were expressed, which is when I realized how split the views and opinions on the subject are.

As I reflected on the discussion, I landed on five universal traits:

Student of Learning - Those who become the top of their field or industry consistently have one trait in common: They are incessant students of knowledge acquisition. They learn about a variety of topics, but the one constant is the fundamental understanding of their customer's mindset and thinking.

Communication Skills - Great salespeople continually work on developing their orator skills. They are constantly evolving and improving their communication style, techniques and dialogue.

Curiosity - Top salespeople know that in order to understand the complete picture, they must continue to ask good questions. They avoid making judgements and assumptions and instead seek to learn the truth behind appearances.

Never Personal - In the world of business, it's always just business. When an individual stops taking what happens in their industry personally, they release much of the negative energy to outcomes. Sales experts continue to focus on the journey and accept the destination.

Emotional Master - This trait is not only related to salespeople, but anyone who has achieved personal success. Controlling one's emotional fears, doubts, anxieties and frustrations is central to excel.

You may have your own list; however, if you break them down further, they will eventually touch one of these five universal traits which define individual achievement and accomplishment.

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