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Overcoming Your Fear of Prospecting - Part Two: Don’t Take It Personally

When someone disrespects you, is rude, is short with you or hangs up on you, it’s easy to take this personally. But the truth is, it’s never about you, it’s about them. In reality, within 48 hours, over 90% of the people you called will have dumped the experience from their memory and will not even recall the event. Knowing that people won’t remember who you were or the event, why allow the experience to emotionally drain yourself in the moment?

There is a difference between being reflective and considering how to frame your message versus constantly taking negative feedback personally. One powerful technique that is good to mentally develop is to look at every experience as real-time feedback— as information needed to grow and improve. Adopting this view instead of allowing the interaction to stain your mind converts your thinking, making every experience become a productive one that leads to self-improvement.

When you stop taking things personally, it gives you more control over your emotions and actions. The next time you feel an emotional drain, stop and pay attention to the self-talk in your mind. You will notice your thoughts are actually assumptions, attempting to analyze how the call impacted the other person. The fact is, the other person is no longer thinking of you. The next time you get a call from an unsolicited person, upon hanging up, see how long it takes for your mind to forget about the call. You’ll most likely find it’s almost instantaneous.

The pace of life is moving at a rapid speed, causing our attention spans to drop to an all-time low. Today people are mentally dumping information practically as fast as it comes to them. In the end, learn to let things go, because when you do, you will become a prospecting machine.

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