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Overcoming Your Fear of Prospecting - Part Three: Track Your Emotional State

Do you meditate? Do you think you are a mindful person, or believe you have emotional awareness? If you answered yes or believe you are reflective, then you are already paying attention to your emotions by not directly affecting them to your actions.

Being aware of your emotional state when deliberating the actions you do is an extremely powerful tool. It is no different than learning how to name your fears, because when you do is when you gain control and the strength to overcome them. Like naming your fears, emotional tracking is an incredible way to manage and strengthen your personal power.

It’s really all about the experience, not the eventual outcome. This awareness provides you with ample data to shift your thinking. The first thing you want to normalize is to place the same value for all calls, because the call in and of itself is to gain information and feedback. When you remove assumptions, any feedback becomes unbiased by who provided it.

You will also be able to manage your physiological and emotional state by knowing when it is not in a peak condition. With emotional tracking, you will teach yourself techniques to dump the anxiety of calls so that you don’t carry this energy into the next one. You will learn to remove anxiety by replacing assumptions and predictions with unbiased, non-personal repercussions.

By tracking your emotional state, your nervousness, anxiety and fear will all greatly diminish. You will gain confidence, emotional toughness and self-respect to follow through and continuously prospect to grow your business.

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