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Overcoming Your Fear of Prospecting - Part Four: Commit to Consistency

One of the main reasons why salespeople stop making prospecting calls consistently is because they are fixated on the outcome instead of the real value of the call — to gain information. When we are fixed on the outcome, we end up becoming discouraged because the “nos” will always outpace the “yeses”. Because of this factor, self-doubt will creep in and when it does, the action to keep following through will end eventually. A lack of consistency can be incredibly frustrating because we all know consistency is the key to success and more sales.

So how do you regain your emotional strength and become more consistent?

First begin with the end in mind, and I’m not talking about the outcome. Yes, the outcome is important, but if the focus is placed in this direction, it will ultimately work against you. Instead, focus on the process, which begins with a plan.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must build a consistent plan. You should determine what time of day will you make your calls, for what duration of time, how many calls will you place, and how will you track all of the calls you will make.

The next thing to do is set your mindset to connect mental adversity to success. We all have emotional insecurities; feel embarrassment, humiliation, guilt and shame; however, those who achieve high levels of success have connected the dots between pushing themselves through these emotional limitations to reach their goals. What lies on the opposite side of one’s limiting emotions is fulfillment, joy, happiness, achievement and success.

When you are willing to face your fears, you will learn that the anticipation of any fear is far greater than the actual experience. Remember, you must make yourself get uncomfortable to get comfortable.

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