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Making Cultural Alignment Possible

Getting an entire organization to row in the same direction with the same vision and mission is often more of a myth than something realistic.

Companies are comprised of human beings, and when you hire for expertise, they don't just bring their talent, but personalities to work. An organization will never be perfect, but the more you drive action through meaning and purpose, the healthier it will be.


To help resolve the alignment challenge, consider these solutions:

1. Defining the company's core values - Not generic values, but the real beliefs which define who is hired, promoted or let go. Values which define the expectation of every employee and can be recited by memory.

2. Regular collaboration - When people feel respected and heard, they follow through due to admiration and pride. Collaborating with your people creates unity regardless of the decision or direction.

3. Accountability - Without accountability, execution suffers. Accountability holds everyone

responsible and builds trust through support and encouragement.

"The beauty of an organization is reflected in the spirit of its employees."

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