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If You Want A-Players, You Must Develop A-Leaders

The old practice of developing leaders over time is gone.

Today, to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, companies can't wait around for people to learn as they go. Businesses must now form a leadership development strategy to speed up needed skills and talent.

The first challenge is to consistently and effectively identify the company's current high performers; those who display engagement, aspirations and ability. These employees are likely to become the future leaders of tomorrow.


A recent study showed that 83% of organizations agree it's important to develop leaders, but shockingly, only five percent of them had actual implemented plans. When developing your company's strategy for leadership, focus on education in these three areas:

Emotional Intelligence - Technology has distanced direct, one-on-one communication, resulting in an increased need to connect emotionally. It's paramount that leaders learn how to motivate, inspire and drive engagement on a personal level.

Agility - In today's constantly changing world, companies of right now may not exist in 10 years. An agile organization is able to manage change more effectively and adapt with predictability.

Courage - Developing courageous leaders starts with supporting initiatives, action, and problem-solving decisions. True leaders learn how to accept constructive feedback and realize vulnerability equals strength and empowerment.

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