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How to start believing in your gut instincts

Most of us have tried to consciously force ourselves to do something, only to find more often than not we're unable to do it. The subconscious mind can easily override the conscious one and force people to say or do something they normally wouldn't, but this article is not about its power, it's about a person's awareness of it.

From birth, you grew up learning to read micro messages within your environment and about the people around you. You did this for survival because early in life, you could not articulate well yet, but you instinctively knew if people were good or bad, dangerous or safe. This internal programming has remained inside you and is always growing and developing its awareness and strength.

The problem with people today is they've increasingly stopped listening to it, or have become afraid to confront what it is telling them. One of the greatest skills to develop in selling is courage. Courage is the practice of taking action when a change to your emotional state is felt within your body.

This emotional change – which is often on a micro scale – attempts to warn you that something is wrong with what was said. It notices how your customer's body language reacted, for example. These tells are so subtle that your conscious mind cannot read it, but your subconscious mind did. Develop the courage to act on these gut emotional impulses and watch your success skyrocket.

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