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How To Remain Relevant In A Complex World

Go back just 15 years and the world did not know of Facebook, Twitter, Uber, artificial intelligence or autonomous cars. Today, the pace of innovation and change is disrupting commerce in ways which may alter the list of the top Fortune 500 companies by 40% in the next 10 years. So, how does one stay relevant in a dynamically changing world?

Here are three practices you can utilize to make yourself more relevant to your customers:

Personal Growth - We are made to push the boundaries of possibility. Personal growth starts with having a direction and then formulating a plan. Your direction is based on your goals and aspirations. The more you grow, the more you will become an asset to your company and customers.

Stay Updated with Information - Following your customers, competition and related industries will give you the competitive advantage as the go-to source for insider information. What is surprising is how few salespeople actually do this, so when you do, you will certainly rise to the top.

Learn Other People's Best Practices - Almost nothing in our world is original, but an iteration of a different practice. Adjusting best practices to fit your industry and process spells innovation and growth. Look outside to gain your competitive advantage on the inside.

By focusing on these three practices, you will level up your skills, performance and relevancy. Selling is about adding value; not just to your customers, but to those you surround yourself with.

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