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How To Remain Consistent With Your Sales Process

Have you ever lost a sale before because you shortcut the pitch process? In the moment, you may have thought, "I don't need to cover certain things like 'logical value' because my customers already know it", only to later learn the customer didn't buy because of this missed step. When salespeople make assumptions – believing the customer doesn't need to be told particular aspects of the presentation – the lack of consistency often ends up what costs them the sale.

So how do you, as a salesperson, remain consistent and not pass judgement or make assumptions?

Try implementing these three techniques:

Ask yourself "what information am I missing?". When gathering details about the customer, oftentimes the picture is incomplete, which can lead to short cutting steps. The fact is, you won't know the truth about a potential buyer's circumstances until you explicitly ask.

Monitor your thought process. Think about what you are thinking about. Put work into paying more attention to your own thoughts so when you feel any emotional energy change in your body, you'll be able to take notice and react to it.

Free yourself from self-judgment. It's not an easy habit to break, but the more we judge ourselves, the more we'll in turn judge others, which can be detrimental in the sales game. Letting go of being your own worst critic will make you more consistent, because inconsistency can stem from pride, and when you let your pride go, you will self-correct your course. When attacking any problem that requires a solution, it's important to have confidence in your own personal store of knowledge, since that is what you will be turning to more often than not.

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