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How to Level-Up Your Motivation

Who doesn't want to work smarter, not harder and make a lot more in less time?

Motivation is the difference between reaching your full potential versus looking back and realizing that you left so much on the table. Utilize these three techniques to help increase your motivation now:


Find Your Power Pose - Amy Cuddy, professor at Harvard School of Business, stresses the significance of body language and the use of one's personal "power pose". Holding a high-power pose for just two minutes daily increases levels of confidence and decreases levels of stress.

Do a Mental Reset - You can reset your thinking anytime for a burst of energy. To reset, disconnect and remove any past thinking in your mind. Shift by visualizing yourself in the now and what you want to achieve today. To achieve better results, you must stop thinking about the past.

Get a Shot of Dopamine - Dopamine generates feelings of pleasure, motivation and happiness. To increase your levels quickly, try meditation, exercise, music or connection with loved ones.

Motivation happens from the inside out. When you get your beliefs and thoughts in line with what is most important in your life, you will naturally become more motivated and driven. We all have so much more potential inside us than what we are currently producing.

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