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How to know when to hold'em and when to fold'em

If you've been in sales for some time you will eventually confront the realization that it takes just as long in effort and mental energy to chase a transaction which has no chance of closing, as it does one that can provide the same, if not more income.

We are all working with the same clock of time, so how can some achieve incredible results while others are left spinning their wheels? What I've come to learn is that you will find the answers to what you should be focused on when you confront your fears.

Great success is not just about knowledge, experience, wisdom and talent, but mostly is found in your ability to get comfortable with doing the things that frighten you. And, I'm not talking about physical fears, I'm talking about those internal ones that stop you from making the calls, have you avoid talking to the right people, and keep you growing.

Much of selling is an emotional chess game, tactics and strategy, to outthink your customers and competition. To achieve this, it requires mental toughness and fortitude. Develop your emotional strength, and it will develop your success.

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