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How to Increase Your Influence

Ultimately, sales is about influence. It's the single most important factor when it comes to persuading others to buy your product or service.

Creating influence begins with self-improvement and a commitment to keep growing and learning.


To dramatically increase your influence with others, you must elevate your authenticity. Implement the following tips to improve your performance:

  • Begin Within - Respect for yourself generates confidence and competence.

  • Be Yourself and Be Real - Always strive to follow through on your words with your actions.

  • Treat People Like People - Your influence will be enhanced if you treat others like you are talking to a good friend.

  • Remain Sincere - Don't be only what you think others want to see in you. Be genuine.

  • Stay Positive - Search for the optimistic viewpoint in any negative situation. Instead of thinking "This happened to me", think "This happened for me."

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