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How to Increase Sales Long-Term

Standing apart from your competition is more important today than ever before.

Developing a customized, personal follow-up system is paramount to stay connected and build meaningful relationships. Consistent client follow-up will lead to a substantial increase in sales and income.


Creating this long-term follow-up process requires very little effort. When working with clients, be sure to note any personal information regarding children, pets or birthdates. Then, simply sign up with an online gift or card provider to automatically send birthday and holiday cards to your respected customers. It's a personal touch uniquely different than most and can become your brand identity.

Staying on the top of your customer's mind is a competitive advantage that can pay off dramatically. You can customize your card's included message with updated information that will enhance the client's past or future purchase, and also request they refer you to their friends

ADS Consulting is the choice solution to helping your company develop a long-term development training program. For more information, please visit and click on the Contact Us tab.

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