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How to Gain Higher Prices When Negotiating

Do you want to make more money? The highest value per hour you will ever earn is when you learn the right techniques to negotiate win-win transactions.

Below are three techniques to help you net a higher price when negotiating.


  • Get the buyer to understand the financial impact if they don't buy. Widen the gap between the short and long-term financial effects so they can realize the value in making a purchase today.

  • Provide a range instead of a set price. Blurting out a number is usually not in your best interest, because it typically will appear to be too high. Say something like, “Well, there's a range involved, depending upon the specifics which work best for you."

  • Discount only after getting a concession from the buyer. It's common for a customer to ask for a discount after you've provided the price. Giving in weakens the transaction and your self-confidence. When offering a lower price, you need to take something off the table. The best approach is to just hold firm and say your price is the lowest you can offer.

Negotiating is a dance between you and your client, and you both have a role to play. Don't allow yourself to get emotional. Stay focused only on the offer being negotiated.

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