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How to boost your sales training

Are you confident that you could take your current sales team – including the level of skills and results they already have – into an increasingly competitive environment? The competitive landscape is not getting any easier as time goes on. If anything, the marketplace is becoming even more complex because of the digital disruption occurring all around us.

The problem with most salesforces is that they typically have 20% of their people doing the majority of the transactions, leaving a tremendous opportunity on the table for the remaining 80% of the team. The reality check is most if not all of a company's people are not selling at their full potential, which is substantially costing the business in lost revenue and profits.

The solution to this problem may surprise you. I believe most people are only one or two changes away from igniting their true potential. The problem with company training is that it focuses on process and product information, when performance results are what's needed to change your sales force from the inside out.

The focus needs to be on individual habits, attitudes and efforts. When you help your people shift their behaviors and mindset, it unlocks growth and success. Stop focusing on external information, and instead focus on internal changes.

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