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Directing Your Customers Into Action

Today we live in a world of seemingly limitless products, but only have limited time and resources to choose them. When faced with a major buying decision such as a car or appliance, people often hesitate and get tripped up on the decision to go ahead with the purchase in the first place. The reason for this is having access to endless information can cause a diminishing return.

The emotional pain of making a bad decision is more prevalent than ever before. We're all so overloaded with information and options that our minds often take the path of least resistance and default to no action to avoid the mental stress. Good salespeople are learning the art of sharing less with more pointed influence to remove the outside noise behind the decision.

A key strategy to close more sales is to assume your client is already informed about your product or service. Today, discover what they know first, so that you shortcut the volume of information shared. You need to target to their specific needs and desires behind why they are considering your solution. Not knowing your customers’ buying motives leads to uncertainty, which only fuels the buyer's uncertainty.

An important skill to master today is the ability to build a good rapport with the customer so that you can discover their needs, problems and desires. Once you've identified their current day pain points, a good practice is to demonstrate how they'd be impaired to go another day without your product. To do this, you create a reference point by framing the problem in the future and show how their life will be adversely affected without your solution. THEN ask for the buy.

Surprisingly, an astounding 64% of salespeople don't even bother to ask for the sale. In most cases they're waiting for the customer to explicitly say they're interested, which – evidence shows – may never happen. A consumer may very well be interested, but might still require that final push of persuasion from the salesperson to quell any lingering doubts. This is best accomplished when you widen the gap of their current day problem to create the immediate need. This is natural urgency.

If you're ready to take your sales game to the next level, ADS Consulting Service is your ultimate coaching resource to optimize and transform your performance. We know how to drive revenue by reinventing stagnant systems and processes using innovative alternatives. You won't just gain a mentor in us, you'll gain the competitive advantage.

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