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If You Knew the Secret, Would You Use It?

The problem with the world today is the powers that be don't want you to think for yourself or have control over your own life.

Because if you were truly free, you wouldn't need help or support from

others, and that means less money for them when you're managing your life on your terms, not someone else's.


Sounds twisted doesn't it, that the force of life is actually against you instead of for you:

So what is the ultimate secret to beating it? It will surprise you because it's so simple. Don't give up. Never quit; never give in to self-doubt, your insecurities or emotional struggles. The weak quit and try something else. Those who succeed persevere through all the emotional pain until they reach success. Don't be a quitter, because giving up is the ultimate regret.

"It is not the end result you are chasing, but the journey."

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