Are you looking for sustainable sales growth?

When it comes to sales and leadership training, ADS Consulting aims to change peoples lives. Our learning logic methodology focuses on retention so that long term performance growth is achieved.

Our process focuses on converting information and knowledge to actionable skill development.

Training Programs

Sales Excellence

Our courses focus on transforming your people. We help participants achieve performance
breakthroughs by pushing outside their comfort zone.

Leadership Effectiveness

Employee’s will only run as fast as the leadership team. If you desire to drive your company forward, our
breakthrough courses help your leaders integrate cutting edge strategies to achieve lasting results.

Customer Service

Service is at the center of growth, and your front-line employees have the greatest impact on revenue
and profit margins. When you invest in your people, the ROI increases the bottom line.

Personal Development

Do you want to empower change NOW! Our D.R.I.V.E course will unlock hidden potential and activate
passion and purpose.

Training performance that will 5x your teams for
lasting results.

The Performance Advantage
Seminar Courses

This course is the leading program producing unprecedented results. Our clients see an ROI of over 500% because our solutions are designed to drive revenue, sales performance, and break the barriers of fear.

Our logic-based training is deeply customized to your goals and objectives. We take our proprietary Learning-Logic approach so that member will engage, retain, and recall the content for immediate results.

These seminars will teach your salespeople the newest strategies, techniques, and tools to ignite
transformative results.  We deliver game-changing experiences to give your sales team the competitive advantage to achieve superior results.

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Effective Leadership
Seminar Courses

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are an leader.” – John Quincy Adams

ADS focuses on delivering current best practices that will help your team explore various leadership styles to emerge as a more strategic thinker to inspire and lead your team effectively.

This curriculum consists of practical core leaning sessions that will provide the tools and framework to lead innovative growth.

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D.R.I.V.E Your Life
Seminar Courses

Drive Your Life is a personal journey program to help your people become the best version of themselves.  Our independent two-day seminars focus on one core truth.

Lasting results happen when you develop your people from the inside-out. D.R.I.V.E teaches your people how to gain total control over their personal and business life to achieve results by shifting their mindset to take 100% accountability for everything they achieve and experience in life.  

As Jim Rohn quoted, “If you invest in a job, you will make a living, if you invest in yourself, you will make a fortune.”

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Superior Service is FREE
Seminar Courses

Today, consumer expectation are at an all time high, will little tolerance for marginal service. If your organization is not consistently innovating the expectation of service, your customers will leave your company.  

Statistics show that 33% of customers who have one bad experience will never go back, and if they are 2 to 3 bad experiences, over 90% will never return.  

We have mastered the art of teaching people how to deliver service without it costing a penny. You must experience the difference of how our teachings, philosophy, and mindset growth strategies create lasting incremental service level changes.

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