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Our educational seminars are full immersion events based on our custom learning logic methodology. The process focuses on converting knowledge and information to actionable skill development.


Our seminars are motivational, inspirational, and actively engaged to product the greatest impact, so that lasting, sustainable results ensue. 

We are passionate about teaching people to achieve their highest and best self. To achieve our obsession, the seminar requires engagement, role-play exercises, interactive mind enhancement exercises, and innovative breakouts to maximize retention so that personal growth is activated and achieved. Each seminar requires a two-day minimum commitment and is custom tailored to the needs of your company.


SALES Excellence

Activate your sales force NOW and begin a new journey towards consistent growth and sustained results. 


A company is only as strong as its leadership team. If you desire for your company to go further, your leadership team must become better to achieve greater results.  


Service is at the center of growth, and your front line employees have the greatest impact on effecting revenue and margin growth. When you invest in your people, the benefit is a return in profit growth.


Behind all success, achievement, innovation, and fulfillment stands a person. Everyone has enormous potential sitting idle inside, waiting for an active agent to unlock inspiration and purpose. We are the active agent, empower change NOW!


Contact us today for a free strategy session to find out which program will help you and your company go further! 

Dave is not only a genuine and powerful leader but he also has tremendous breadth. A unique, generalist, Dave has many competencies, not just one. He excels at sales, marketing, leadership, oh, and sports! He's creative and agile, and able to make connections that many of his peers can't see. I highly recommend Dave.

Shari Levitin.png

Shari Levitin | Public Speaker & Bestselling Author

There are few people I’ve met who have the depth and experience of sales and leadership knowledge. David is an evolutionary motivational trainer who is consistently redefining the possibilities of achievement. He is an amazing teacher and a genuine individual.  

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Michael Rowley |  Sales Specialist | Industry Trainer

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