Hindsight has 20/20 vision. Many promises and expectations are considered prior to
agreements however there are no do-overs when companies fail to meet the objectives set.

This is how ADS Consulting differentiates itself from other choices. We provide this service as a
break even so that we can provide each company the most comprehensive analysis to grow and
develop their business. Our analysis is extremely comprehensive that we’ve generated over $2
million in top line revenue for companies within 5 months of implementation.

Our process is used to identify and learn the company’s core strengths, attributes, resources,
human capital, system and processes to identify performance and effeciency gaps.

We Look at 5 Critical Attributes


• Mapping the Customer Journey
• Content Consistency
• Company Compliance
• Brand Management
• Accountability


• Digital Channels
• Print Channel
• Brand Reputation
• Company Engagement
• Content Consistency


• Service Expectations
• Employee Engagement
• Cultural Alignment
• Measures & Motivation
• Tools & Technology


• Talent Recruitment
• Leadership Development
• Company Communication
• Products & Service
• Revenue Recapture


• Efficiency Analysis
• KPI’s
• Company Surveys

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