Five Tips to Keep Your Cool When Your Sales Go Cold

It happens to all of us, not only in sales but in life. One minute you're hot, hitting the ball out of the park, and the next, you're missing every pitch.

You start questioning yourself and self-doubting your process. You assume it must be something you're doing wrong. The truth is, it's not you, it's the Law of Averages.

When Sales Are Down, Here's What To Do:

1. Stop The Negative Self-Talk - If you know how to sell, you don't suddenly lose the skill after a slump. Remember this.

2. Mediate - Have gratitude for the hardship. When you're grateful, you grow.

3. Change One Behavior - Modify one small habit to improve your life

4. Create Inspiration - Inspiration won't magically find you. You need to do something to feel it.

5. Focus On What You Can Control - Stay emotionally healthy by focusing on your actions

"Mastery is not an event, it is the continual pursuit to Be Better Now"

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